Posted by: Larry Royce | January 27, 2014


Jesse McReynolds recuperating at home

(Taken From Bluegrass Today)

Mandolin icon Jesse McReynolds is resting at home after undergoing a minor cardiac procedure last Friday.

His doctors sent him to St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville for an electrophysiological study to determine the cause of his recurring dizzy spells and accelerated heart rate. The test involves threading very thin wire electrodes through a vein to the heart, where readings of electrical activity can be measured.

During the procedure, doctors performed an ablation to eradicate damaged nerve tissue which was at the root of his irregular heart rate, and they feel that they have solved the problem. It is possible that the procedure may need to be repeated, and the doctors want Jesse to rest and take prescribed medication for a month before performing again.

His wife, Joy, said that Jesse is already eager to get back out on stage.

“The doctors found that his heart was beating as high as 200 beats per minute due to some bad nerve connections. Probably much higher when he was playing fast! It’s a miracle he didn’t have a heart attack.

We are very excited and hopeful that Jesse will be able to come back to the Grand Ole Opry soon to celebrate, this being his 50th anniversary year.

We appreciate everyone’s prayers.”
Jesse will be 85 years old this summer.

Cards and well wishes can be sent to:

Jesse McReynolds

PO Box 1385

Gallatin, TN 37066



  1. Larry, thank you so much for featuring my CD, Let It Shine. I appreciate your playing my music and hope it was a blessing to you and your listeners. If I can ever be of help to you and Santuary, please shoot me an email; Again, thanks so much for your kind words and for playing my songs.

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