Posted by: Larry Royce | April 23, 2014

Hook, Live & Sinker from Chesapeake

Here’s another new CD I just discovered. If you’re a Seldom Scene fan you’ll remember Chesapeake as the band that broke up the Scene when Mike Auldridge, Moondi Klein and T Michael coleman left to form this group.

Looking back, it turned out to be a good thing for everybody since the Seldom Scene of today had its roots with Duffey and Eldridge when the band was reformed in 1995.
Written by John Lawless for Bluegrass Today.

Just as focus has been on Seldom Scene this week with their first new project in seven years, here comes a live album from another DC-based group with roots in the Scene.

Chesapeake got its start when Mike Auldridge, T. Michael Coleman and Moondi Klein, all members of Seldom Scene in 1994, decided to create a side project to play more regularly than was the norm for the Scene. They were joined by Jimmy Gaudreau, who was touring at the time with Tony Rice. Recording three albums for Sugar Hill during their five years together, they were on the forefront of what is now known commonly as Americana, mixing folk, bluegrass, country and rock.

Coleman tells us that Chesapeake was in the habit of recording almost all of their live shows when they were on the road. Many bands have done so, some to critique their shows, others for posterity.

Whatever the reason for these guys, they have compiled a live album from these archives, released as Hook, Live & Sinker. All twenty tracks feature live performances of the band, with some stellar guests, none of which were contained on the three previous Chesapeake CDs.

Complete track listing follows:
Train Of Love
Song For A Winter’s Night
By The Side Of The Road
Ginseng Sullivan
Treasures Untold
Coleen Malone
Song or The Life
California Earthquake
White Dove
Red Georgia Clay
Like I Used To Do
My Window Faces The South
I’m Working On A Building
Bartender’s Blues
The Soul Of Man Never Dies
Cypress Jam
Bill Cheatham’s Tasteless Walk On The Wild Side Of Mission Impossible
Soldier’s Joy
John Hardy

In addition to primary band members (Klein on guitar, Gaudreau on mandolin, Coleman on bass, Auldridge on reso-guitar), guests include Tony Rice, Doc Watson, Sammy Shelor, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Rickie Simpkins, Jeff Little and Larry Atamanuik.

T. Michael says that this project is very special to him.

“I was inspired to put this together after the last time Chesapeake got together to play with Mike. That was not long before he left us, so it’s partly a tribute to Mike, and of course to Doc.”

Hook, Live & Sinker can be purchased online from Chesterbury Records. It will be available soon from CD Baby, iTunes and other digital resellers.

Look for Chesapeake to do so touring in support, with various guests standing in for Mike Auldridge.


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