Posted by: Larry Royce | May 20, 2014

James King hospitalized

James King was taken to hospital this past Sunday morning suffering from both gall bladder and kidney stone issues. He had performed with the band on Saturday in Illinois, and had ridden to Branson, MO for two dates at Silver Dollar City when he was overcome by pain, and driven to the hospital.

At Cox Hospital in Branson he underwent surgery to remove his gall bladder on Monday morning, and have a stent inserted to hopefully deal with kidney stone issues. Unfortunately, complications developed during surgery and he is now in the ICU with a breathing tube inserted. It is hoped that the tube can be removed today, and James can set to healing.

His wife Julie tells us that his liver problems will require him to be on a strict diet upon his release, along with blood thinners.

“The doctors expect a full recovery with the issues he was admitted with, and he should be back to his full schedule within a couple weeks. The stent will have to be addressed and removed once he gets home.

We both appreciate everyone’s support during yet another trying time.

I will ask for continued prayers for James’ recovery, and for his band. They filled two days at Silver Dollar City without him, and will continue to fill the schedule as needed.”
Julie also said that if anyone wants to send along well wishes, they may use this address:

James King
P.O. Box 10179
Danville, Virginia 24543

Hurry home, James, and get and keep yourself healthy!

From Bluegrass Today


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