Posted by: Larry Royce | August 19, 2014

Bluegrass Hall of Fame Inductees: The Original Seldom Scene

From Cybergrass.

It’s way over due.

Nashville, TN — The International Bluegrass Music Association announced that the influential bluegrass band The Original Seldom Scene and bluegrass historian Neil Rosenberg will be inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame at its Awards Show in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday, October 2, 2014. Ben Eldridge, John Starling, Mike Auldridge, Tom Gray and John Duffey (the latter two known for their prior work with The Country Gentlemen) formed the Seldom Scene in 1971. The band’s name referred to the fact that four of the five members had “day jobs” outside of music, and that they only played one night a week: a regular engagement at a local club, The Red Fox Inn. The intent of the band’s originators to play locally “just for the fun of it” in the Washington, DC region didn’t last long, as The Seldom Scene became a major force nationally in the bluegrass music world, emphasizing strong vocals combined with Duffey’s tongue-in-cheek, clean, adult humor, a combination that opened new doors for bluegrass with typical urban audiences. The group drew from various sources, including rock, traditional bluegrass, country, and folk for their fresh, energetic music. A few of their many recorded songs are “Old Train,” “What Am I Doing Hanging Around?” “Wait a Minute,” “With the Small Exception of Me,” “Hello Mary Lou” and “Rider.” Between their bold willingness to explore a broad slice of American popular music, their impeccable musicianship and a stage presence that was both commanding and endearing, the Scene exemplified one strain of “progressive” bluegrass that both honored the past and led the way into the future. The era of the original members ended in September 1977, when Starling left the group to practice medicine in Montgomery, AL. Personnel changes have been made over the years, with Ben Eldridge remaining as the single original member. The 1971-77 line-up of The Seldom Scene left an indelible imprint on bluegrass music, and the current band continues to feature vocal arrangements and instrumentals in that trademark style. Original members John Duffey died in 1996, and Mike Auldridge passed away in 2012. – See more at:


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