Posted by: Larry Royce | December 1, 2014


Hi Folks,

I had 86 hits on this site yesterday and 47 on Saturday when I usually average only 18 hits a day. Was this caused by my radio listeners going to the site after my announcement Friday night concerning the last show? I assume it was.

If I had more than 18 hits a day I might continue just on-line since the chances of finding a new station to air the program are slim at best. It takes me about 2-3 hours to record a show, so it needs to have an audience for me to justify the time to produce and record it.

I’ve heard from one person concerning the end of the show, so if you want it to continue I need to hear from you. Also if you will miss Sanctuary on WBYN you need to tell them. This is the reason your favorite shows on radio and TV disappear, not enough positive listener feedback. The reason I was given by the GM is that their regular listeners were tuning out Friday evenings, I assume because they did not like the music.

I should have asked the GM of the station, but I did not since I was surprised that he called after over a week since his e-mail firing me, what about the listeners who tune it just for Sanctuary on Fridays evenings? Don’t they matter?

I’ve been down this road before where Sanctuary is completely different from the rest of the station’s format so this is nothing new. I thought the show did fit WBYN’s format better than at the WORD-FM though.

I’ll be posting completed shows the next two weeks, and there are shows in the archives going back to May 2011, plus all December shows are generally bluegrass Christmas music, so there is a lot of great bluegrass gospel music still on this site. Of course there are a number of listeners that only listen on the radio and not on-line.

The next step is up to you, the Sanctuary listener.
I hope to hear from you and I also hope that WBYN hears from you as well.

Thanks for listening,




  1. I sent the following in to them Larry:

    I had received an email from Larry Royce about his show, Sanctuary, being terminated. I am so upset about this, the only reason I listen to your station now is because of his show, I looked forward to it every Friday night and it was a blessing and a breath of fresh air to have this time at the end of the week to just relax and listen to some honest to goodness Blue Grass music that you cannot find anywhere anymore.

    I hope you reconsider this decision, now that his show is gone your station is now also gone from my dial, I had it set up so I could listen to it now there is really nothing. The rest of your format is just what 106.9 plays and to tell you the truth they stink so I don;t listen to them either.

    Please reconsider, there are other people I have told about this, I do not know if they are going to contact you, I am not much on contacting people about stuff like this, but the more I think about it the more upset I get.

    Please reconsider, thank you.

    Mary Grondski

  2. I and others I know are so disappointed that your Sanctuary show was canceled! It was the only one of its kind a far as playing good bluegrass music! We miss it so much! I contacted wbyn as well. Friday nights were the only time we listened to their station,just to hear Sanctuary.

    • Sanctuary will be back on line by Monday, maybe earlier.

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