Posted by: Larry Royce | December 5, 2014

Ray Davis passes

This is a tough one to take.
Ray was one of the first bluegrass radio hosts I heard and an inspiration over the years.

From Bluegrass Today

Radio legend Ray Davis, who hosted an afternoon show for WAMU’s Bluegrass Country for many years, died yesterday evening following a bout with cancer. He was 81 years old.

Ray spent 65 years broadcasting in the Washington, DC area, 28 of them with WAMU. He had retired in September of last year and was spending his time at his West Virginia home. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with cancer, and started treatment in May.

His love and knowledge of bluegrass music was extensive, and he often drew on his own collection of classic recordings to spice up the already deep catalog at WAMU. When the station moved its signal onto the Internet in 2001, Ray’s reach expanded from the capitol area to the whole online world.

Bob Webster, a fellow retired WAMU host, spoke glowingly of Ray when Richard Thompson profiled Davis as he celebrated 60 years of radio work in 2008.

“Ray Davis has demonstrated a career in radio seldom duplicated by others in the field. He has produced recordings by many of the first generation artists in bluegrass music and hosted concerts and festivals featuring a wide spectrum of the music. He shares his knowledge and insights of the early days of broadcasting bluegrass with listeners in a way that revives memories in the minds of the long-time fans as well as inviting the younger fans to learn more about the routes of the music. Through “thick and thin”, Ray has continued to play the music that serves as the standard by which many fans measure the future of our beloved art.”
We’ll have more to say soon about this icon of bluegrass radio.

Details about funeral services have not yet been confirmed.

R.I.P., Ray Davis.



  1. We certainly send our Heart felt condolences to family and friends !!

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