Posted by: Larry Royce | February 7, 2015

New Affiliates

Hi Folks.

Losing my show on WBYN was probably a blessing in disguise, except for those listeners who don’t have computers to listen to music.

I had decided to retire Sanctuary, just like I was retired from my full-time job in December, however the Lord had other ideas.

A few weeks ago a radio station in Central VA contacted me about running the show on their three stations and also on two on-line sites. Since Sanctuary had been syndicated from 1997 to 2005 the time seemed ripe to go that route again. Thanks to Dave Cash from WRMV for his encouragement to keep the show going.

WRMV, WPAK, W258AK,, and all carry Sanctuary thanks to Dave.

Since then WBHN-AM in Bryson City, N.C, one of my original stations, WOTR in Weston, WV and have also agreed to carry the show. The show is free to whoever wants to air it. In the future I’ll be adding a Donate button to the website for those who feel led to help me with the expenses involved in operating a website and keeping a computer working.

If you know of any stations that might be interested, please either contact me or have the station contact me.

Thanks for listening.



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