Posted by: Larry Royce | March 28, 2016

Sanctuary: Thanks for the Memories!

To my listeners:

This message is bittersweet for me, however after 21 years it’s time to end Sanctuary.

Due to lack of interest and/or ANY feedback from any of the affiliates and listeners plus my own fatigue and disappointment with it’s reception it’s time to end the program.  Some stations have dropped the program without even telling me, even though it was free and there were no obligations financially or otherwise.  Plus the lack of traffic to my website and not one donation in over a year, have all added to my decision.

I always believed it was a ministry to evangelize, inspire and entertain but its time has passed with the advent of Sirius/XM and multiple choices on the internet.

Feel free to listen to archived shows until the site goes dark.


Larry Royce



  1. We pray that whatever you put your hand to in the future Larry,that the Lord would Bless you ! God Bless !!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. Been spooling your show every for a long time and feel you’ve been part of my success on SBBradio. I understand the fatigue because I spend 1-4 hours every evening and countless hours on weekends contributing my time to the station. I’ll go til I can’t physically or the financial demands choke me out. God Bless and sure appreciate the countless hours you’ve put in to your show. Danny Hensley @ SBBradio.

  3. Thanks Danny and it’s nice to hear that your station is doing well.
    Just got to be an obligation that I was tired of doing w/o getting any response.
    Best wishes!

  4. Dear Larry, I’ve been listening to your program for about a year, and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It has been a blessing to me as I listen. It’s disappointing to hear that you are giving the program up. I am on a limited income and unable to contribute to your costs. I am not very good at typing, so have to ask my wife to do the typing when I want to send a message – she’s the one typing now. Thanks for all you’ve given in the past. We’re from the southern end of Lancaster County, so not that far from your former placement in Boyertown – at the radio station that was a sister station to WDAC. May God bless you in your next venture!

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