About the Show

Recent surveys have shown that in the last 10 years, the audience for bluegrass music has grown faster than any other music form, with over 55 million fans nationwide. At the same time, the demand for Christian music has exploded, as listeners search for uplifting, positive music. When you combine these two facts, you have the rationale behind Sanctuary.

Since 1995, host Larry Royce has been doing a three hour show every Sunday night on WBYO-FM. The idea for a one-hour syndicated show developed out of the current bluegrass gospel show after receiving a lot of faborable feedback from listeners and talking with other people involved in bluegrass radio. Larry became convinced that the need existed for a weekly, one-hour gospel bluegrass program which would be syndicated to radio stations across the country.

Larry hopes that the clear message of Jesus Christ heard in bluegrass music can reach many people and have a profound impact on their lives.

About the Host
Larry Royce’s long association with bluegrass music dates back to the late 1970’s when he was living in Washington D.C., the “Bluegrass Capital of the World.”

As a regular customer of the famed Birchmere Club in suburban Washington, Larry was quickly influenced by such guest artists as the Seldom Scene, Ricky Skaggs and the Whites.

His love for bluegrass first led to a three-hour gospel show and then the syndication of his one-hour program Sanctuary. As a host, Larry brings his extensive music knowldege, as well as his own experience playing guitar and mandolin to the program, sharing his wealth of informaton with listeners nationwide.



  1. Larry,
    I’m sorry to hear that you are no longer with the Word FM, but I am very glad that you will continue playing great gospel bluegrass music via the internet. Let us know how we can promote you, as you have been a big promoter of Sunnyside through the years. Keep on keeping on. Dean Nafziger

  2. I was sad to not hear the 3 hour Sanctuary show this past Sunday…….didn’t realize the show was ending. Good luck on your new endeavor!

    • Thanks Ted.
      I didn’t realize it was ending either, but that’s radio.
      14 1/2 years was a good run on a station that has a completely different format.

  3. larry;
    my sunday nights will not be the same. I have been very blessed by your music, and there have been quite a few sunday mornings when our small praise band has played something that I heard you air in a previous program. grace and peace to you. david

    • Thanks David,

      Losing the show and my full time job at the station was unexpected.
      I’m thankful that I had 14 1/2 years to promote the gospel through bluegrass music and hopefully made Sunday evenings more enjoyable for a lot of people.

  4. I must say I was incredibly dismayed when your show wasn’t on the Word FM the past few Sundays…I was new to the station and found your show and really looked forward to Sunday evenings. I called the station today and was given this site…I’m so glad that I’ll be able to continue to listen. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  5. Thanks Susan.
    I will be working on new shows as time goes on.
    I lost my full time job at the station as well as Sanctuary. It was all very unexpected.


  6. Larry,
    Your show introduced me to bluegrass gospel. I’m very disappointed that I can no longer listen to you on the Word FM. At least I can listen on your website. Thanks for the years of wonderful music!! May God bless you and your future endeavors.

  7. Geez o whiz Larry I sure am sorry to hear you lost your job and the show. Just wanted to say thanks for all the fine music over the years. I thought the show was really taking off . I hope that something comes up for you soon.Also wanted to thank you for the ticket we won from you for the oats festival. It was a great time. We will keep you in our prayers and hopefully this will lead to something bigger and better for you and for HIM. God bless.

  8. Come visit my blog. As far as I know mine is the only physician bluegrass fiction blog on wordpress.


  9. Larry,
    Your show was the reason that I listened to WORD FM. You made my Sunday evenings! Thank you for introducing me to gospel bluegrass. God bless in your future endeavors.

    • Steve,
      Sometime in Oct. Sanctuary will be heard from 8-9 PM, Friday evenings on WBYN-FM, 107.5 from Boyertown.
      Watch this site for the exact date.

    • Thanks Steve.
      See the above response for more information on when and where to listen to Sanctuary.

  10. […] WBYN-FM Welcomes Larry Royce to Friday nights at 8 PM. Larry Royce will host Sanctuary, a 1 hour of the Best in Bluegrass music. God Honoring music with a Bluegrass Flavor! Check out Larry’s Website at https://sanctuarybluegrass.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  11. Welcome back to 107.5FM (WBYN). I got to hear you tonight. I used to listen when you were on WBYO then over THE WORDFM whenever I got the chance. It was not every week; but often during the month and years. I enjoy Blue Grass music. Trust you will gain more listeners through your 1 hour program each Friday night. As the word gets out—I am sure your program will reach many homes in the listening area of WBYN 107.5 FM. God Bless You.

  12. Larry,
    I will miss you at the share-a athon 😦
    One thing we know when we hit the bend in the road, our God is Sovereign. I know where ever you are, your heart is to bring Him glory. Thanks I’ll be listening 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      Have fun at Share-a-thon.

  13. Larry,
    Saturday afternoon and still working and listening to you show…. Keep up the good work and keep looking up!

    • Beginning Nov 20 Sanctuary goes to 2 hours on WBYN 8-10 PM

  14. i am a country dj i play traditional country music & bluegrass music and gospel music

  15. I also missed the Sunday evening gospel bluegrass music but was pleasantly surprised to hear you on WBYN 107.5. Now I have something special to look forward to on Friday evenings.

  16. Larry—I’m glad WE’VE gotcha at WBYN–WOW–your program rocks! I was raised with bluegrass (my dad is Dick Blattenberger, dobro player in Allentown). He was recently awarded life-time achievement at a newly-stared-up bluegrass festival in Schnecksville. I’ve been out of bluegrass for nigh unto an eon, but when I heard-WOW-your show Friday nights (I LIVE for these!), I got that “‘ole familiar feeling”.
    I played with Mailpouch Express way back when…I heard Claire Lynch for the first time on your show (often featured). Voila! Didn’t I get a call from her just this past Monday asking for words of a gospel number I wrote, yep–eons ago. See Ya!

  17. Thanks for the great bluegrass gospel. I have played mando, bass, pennywhistle, harmonica, fiddle, jaw harp and spoons in various groups through the years. Friday, 2-18-11 was the first time I listened to your great program. I’m listening right now on WBYN. Have you heard the gospel songs sung by Ron Tomlinson of the Dry Branch Fire Squad? How about the Bressler Brothers? Thanks so much and God bless you!

    • Hi Donna,
      That’s quite a variety of instruments that you play. Sounds like a lot of fun. I play guitar and mandolin in various groups but not a lot of bluegrass believe it or not. After listening to the new Sierra Hull CD, a teenager, I might just not admit that I even have a mandolin. I’ve played some Dry Branch over the years. Ron is a favorite live entertainer of mine and many other folks. He usually steals the show at Gettysburg in spite of the bigger name acts that play there. Never heard of the Bressler Brothers though.

      Thanks for listening and getting in touch.

  18. Just out of curousity, is the writer of this article Cindy Blattenberger? If so, did she spend the summer of 1973 in Jackson Wyoming?

    • I have no idea.

      • She was a bluegrass musician that I picked with that summer. If you can, relay this message to her. Thanks

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