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  1. Larry I have not heard you on the radio and I was wandering if you are ok and what is going on with you. I have always appreciated your show and supported you. Dave

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for your support over the years, Sanctuary is gone from the Word FM for reasons that I can’t get into here.
    I’ll be uploading new shows soon and maybe try to get on another station.
    God Bless,

  3. Larry –
    As a faithful listener, you will be missed on the air. Yes, I do listen to your show via the computer, but I spent many hours on the road Sunday nights listening to you on my way back home. Praying that you achieve whatever goal you wish, and that your show lives on for many years. If you ever get back on the “air”, let us know soyou may help us all find our way back “Home”.
    Peace to you –

  4. Larry –
    As a faithful listener, you will be missed on the air. Yes, I do listen to your show via the computer, but I spent many hours on the road Sunday nights listening to you on my way back home. Praying that you achieve whatever goal you wish, and that your show lives on for many years. If you ever get back on the “air”, let us know soyou may help us all find our way back “Home”.
    Peace to you –
    John Huber

    • Thanks John.
      I should be on the air right now. This will take some getting used to since Sundays 5-8 PM were all about Sanctuary.

  5. Thank you, John, for the years of bluegrass gospel. I hope to hear you on the air again soon. Thanks for being available online. Things feel out of place for a Sunday night without your live show, but at least for now I have somewhere that I can listen.

    Blessings to you,
    Brian in Gilbertsville

  6. I would echo some of the same comments. I can’t believe you not on the air at Word FM. I didn’t get to listen every week, but enough to miss it. I’m glad you still have a web site! Keep me posted on new endeavors.

  7. HI Larry I am checking in nd thanking you for still doing this, ths is great to be able to listen while I am working at night sometimes on training and other things, I even every once in a while fire up the web site at work and iritate them a little bgive them some gret music. Actuallly some of my friends that moved away can now here you. SO Larry I am still listening and Istill really appreciate you and the show, give Kelly my best.

  8. really appreciate the music. keep it going

  9. Awesome music! And the best thing about listening online is that there’s no ads! lol 🙂 I love bluegrass, the more the better. Maybe we could have WBYN play it round the clock. I know that’s not happening, but I’m definitely addicted!

    • Thanks for listening to Sanctuary. You can listen to the archived shows on this website at anytime. I would like to hear more bluegrass on the radio as well. Thanks to WBYN for airing Sanctuary. Please let them know that you appreciate the station and if possible, support their sponsors.
      Have a Blessed Christmas.


  10. For anyone who is interested in more bluegrass music on the radio, 107.7 has a bluegrass program, not strictly gospel, on Sunday nights from 8pm-12midnight. Also bluegrass gospel on Sunday morning from 7-8am. Maybe this is something y’all know, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

  11. Larry,
    We put your RSS feed on our blog at We would appreciate a link back.
    webmaster Pocono Bluegrass

    • Thanks, will do by early next week.

  12. my brother who spins the rhapsody–thanks for the hours of blessings–you are keeping a lot more people going than you will know this side, because that’s how the system is [we’ve got to pick again sometime]—down the road. dave r

    • Nice to hear from you Dave. I do get discouraged from the lack of response and donations. About 200 people a week listen on line at this website but only 7 have helped financially. Don’t know how many listen on Dick’s site or on WBYN. Every week I consider just dropping it completely. It takes about 6 hours a week to record, produce, and mail the show. I miss live radio a lot. My mandolin playing has improved a bit since we last played but I can’t keep up with you. Thanks for getting in touch.

  13. Larry
    Good job on this blog. You deserve more response. Here in Alaska we don’t have many gospel bluegrass listening options. I’ll definitely be linking your site on my new Church Visits webpage when my site is complete.
    Blessings to you!
    Christopher Thompson

    • Thanks for the kind words from Alaska.

      How did you find my site? Thanks for offering to link up. Yes, I agree with you that I need more feedback from listeners but have gotten tired of asking. I’ve given up on fund raising as well. The response has been pitiful. I guess if people can get their music free, they will.
      I have two radio shows one a Christian station and one a non-Christian station. It’s rare to hear from anyone.
      Are you folks listening???

      • I’m not sure how I found you. As a religious blogger, I think I was searching on “Sanctuary”. Nonetheless I’ll soon be sharing your offerings via my new consulting websites. Alaska is a wasteland for Gospel Bluegrass except for a few villages and out of the mainstream times in a major market or two. Mostly it’s country, rock, or talk. My blog has a high page-hit rate in Alaska’s largest daily paper, but I rarely get comments. I’ve even noticed this is true with large national magazines and newspapers. Even though people are attracted to our offerings, they seem to be weary of responding to each one. I’m always gratified, like you, to receive any comment. Do you track your traffic? That’s always a good thing.

  14. Larry
    Don’t be disheartened. I blogged for 6 years for Alaska’s largest newspaper until I finally reached the “big time”, a weekly column.

    You’ve got a great show. At a minimum I’d suggest podcasting it. You can monetize it as you go along.

    Some things are worth preserving. A couple if letters of support are equal to hundreds if listeners. I rarely hear from readers but I know hundreds, if not thousands read me. Take heart and build on your strengths.

    Blessings & thanks for what you do

    • Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.


  15. Dear Larry,
    I have been missing your program on WBYN and was wondering what happened as I didn’t hear them say anything about it. I listened most weeks and enjoyed the great gospel songs and your comments. Perhaps another radio station would give you better results. WHVR 1280 AM Hanover, PA airs a lot of bluegrass on the weekends. They have Knee-Deep In Bluegrass 10 AM to 12 PM Saturdays and repeat it Sundays. They had Del McCury bluegrass program on too. Bluegrass music is very popular around York County, PA. I just wanted to let you know that all of your efforts have been appreciated and most likely many people listen but just don’t take the time to let you know. Perhaps you could contact Tim Michaels on his website as he works for radio stations and promotes country music shows. Seven Mountains Bluegrass shows are held in York, PA monthly. God will surely bless you for all your efforts for Him! I wish you all the best and hope to hear more of your programs soon.

    • I contacted WHVR to no response. However three stations in VA are picking up the program.
      Sanctuary will be on line by Monday.

  16. Larry, so sorry that your show is ending. I’ve been a faithful listener via the internet even when you were on the other station. Love the music! You introduced me to Dry Branch Fire Squad, which we have now enjoyed in person several times at Godfrey Daniels.
    God Bless,

    • Sanctuary will be back on line by Monday.

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