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  1. We were so sorry to hear that Sanctuary was canceled on word fm. We have a weekend home in Pike County PA and always looked forward to Sunday evenings when we could relax at the end of the weekend and listen to your show. We would not leave to go home to NYC until it was over. You introduced us to Bluegrass Gospel and it’s because of you that we are now Bluegrass Gospel fanatics. Bless you. We are praying for your future success.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Sanctuary can be heard on line anytime on this website. A new 3 hour show is added each Sunday, plus on Sunday evenings from 5-8 PM on:
      Beginning Friday Oct. 9 from 8-9 PM on WBYN-FM 107.5 Boyertown, PA. WBYN broadcasts in a 50 mike radius from Boyertown so depending on where you are it might be difficult to pick up.

      Keep watching this site for future announcements.


      • Hey Larry…..forgot to ask what gospel CD you didn’t have. Let me know and I’ll get it to you.

        Good time last Saturday.


      • I’ll get back to you since I’m at my real job and can’t remember all the titles w/o seeing the CD’s. I’m inpressed that you remembered. I had a few comments from listeners about the Ephrata show but haven’t heard from anyone about the Hellertown show. It was great having you and your band in the studio. Nothing like a private concert by one of the “best in the business.”


      • Hi Larry,
        It turns out that I do have all four of your gospel CD’s so I guess it’s time to record another one.
        Joe Sullivan told me that he booked you for his festival this summer. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to MC your show.
        Take Care,

  2. Larry,

    this is great. I am so glad I got turned onto some of these great players. thanks again man! great show.


  3. Larry, Just want to I love listening to Sanctuary as often as I can on a Saturday Morning. I am a missionary in Australia and listen online. I tune in on WBYN.
    Thank you for your ministry. Listening to Biblical truth in song is a great blessing to my wife and I.

    God Bless,

  4. Larry, Thank you for your tireless work. We live in the New Holland, PA area and it can be a little difficult to pick up 107.5 when at home but if we are out driving, we always tune in. Great show the whole family can enjoy!

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